Saturday, February 11, 2012

Divine Ministries

The ABC Haiti Missions Team will be working with Divine Ministries in Hope for Children, which is run by Haiti pastor Daniel Jean (pictured on the left) and his wife Marjorie. Pastor Jean was raised as an orphan after one of his parents died while he was quite young. Their ministry takes care of 200 children in what they call 'homes of blessing.' These are really what we would call 'orphanages,' but they don't use that term for a number of reasons. First, many of the children in their care may have a parent who is still alive (so technically the children wouldn't be orphans), but the parents are unable to take care of their children because of dire poverty. Secondly, the children that Pastor Jean and his wife take care of are not available for adoption by families from the U.S. and other affluent countries. When children enter their care, they become part of the Jean's giant family.

Divine Ministries has a couple of homes of blessing in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, and they are building one in Les Cayes in the western part of the country that will eventually house 120 children. The ABC Missions Team will be working on construction on the Les Cayes orphanage.

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