Saturday, February 11, 2012

ABC Teaming up with TeamOne27 Ministries

The ABC Haiti Missions Team will be teaming up with TeamOne27 (, a ministry started by Mark Gillette, Pastor Scott's brother. Mark has a true heart for Haiti. He used to serve as the short-term missions director for his church and now works as a part-time electrician. He works just enough in the U.S. to enable him to go to Haiti about once a month. There he serves as a contractor who takes money from U.S. churches and some relief organizations and turns it into construction projects. He also coordinates support and mission trips from churches in the U.S., such as ours.

TeamOne27 packed the bus in the picture on the left full of needed supplies and shipped the entire bus to Haiti to be used in the transport and care of children in Haiti.

One project that TeamOne27 has been heavily involved in is training Haitian workers to use a substance called 'Permacrete' to turn temporary plywood housing into permanent homes. Permacrete is a half-concrete, half-polymer substance that is twice as strong as aluminum but flexible. It is fire-proof, water-proof, bullet-proof and can withstand winds up to 200 mph. Coating a simple plywood house all around with Permacrete is a simple and highly cost-effective way to provide needed housing for Haitians. The teams of workers that Mark trains to use Permacrete also get the benefit of much-needed employment.

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